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Online Services Trouble Report Form

This form is for Robins Federal Credit Union members who are experiencing problems with Robins Federal Credit Union's online banking services. The fields outlined in red are required to efficiently and effectively respond to your request for assistance.

Personal Information:
Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:

Technical Information:

8. What type of computer are you using?


9. If you are using a PC what operating system are you using?


10. If you are using Windows operating system what version of Windows are you currently using?

Windows XP  
Windows Vista
Windows 7  

11. What browser are you currently using using to access home banking?

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

12. Please enter the version number of the browser(s) you are currently using to access home banking.

Subject of Your Message: 

13. Please describe in detail the problem you are having with the online banking service in the space provided.


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