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Fraud Center  Text/E-Mail Message Scam


Phishing Text Message Alert: Robins Federal Credit Union Members have reported that they are receiving text messages from 309874004@vtext.com with a message stating that their debit/credit card has been temporarily deactivated and they need to call express direct at 1-305-455-9475 to get it reactivated.  This message is fraudulent and not being sent from Robins Federal Credit Union. If you receive any such text message, please disregard it and DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION.

Robins Federal will never request personal or account information from our members via text message or email. If you ever receive request for your personal information please notify the credit union at 478.923.3773 or toll-free at 800.241.2405.

IWe would also encourage you to contact your cell phone provider and local authorities regarding the information you received.


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