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Counterfeit Checks and Currency

The counterfeiting of money is one of the oldest crimes in history.  Recent innovations in technology, including digital enhancements, make counterfeiting any paper document very easy.  The Secret Service has jurisdiction over investigations dealing with counterfeited currency.  Consumers need to be aware of what security measures are in place to protect their currency and what to look for in a suspected counterfeit check.  Is the quality of the paper substandard, does it feel smooth to the touch or have a waxy feel?  Does the face of the check have misspelled words or ink smudges?  Hold the bill up to the light and verify that the watermark images matches the portrait appearing in the middle of the bill.  Many counterfeiters wash a $5 bill and reprint a $100 note so that the paper passes the initial acid test.  The watermark, however remains on the bill and currently cannot be circumvented by the fraud artists.  For more information on how to spot a counterfeit and what to do if you have received a counterfeit bill, go to www.secretservice.gov.


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