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Credit Union Programs

Free Seminars - Robins Federal Credit Union is committed to member and consumer
financial education. We host free seminars covering various financial topics throughout the year.

Change the Way You Save - At Robins Federal, we want to assist you in reaching your savings goals! Our Change The Way You Save program is designed to do just that. Once you sign up, the amount of every debit card purchase you make will be rounded to the next dollar amount and transferred to your savings account. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch your savings grow. Sign up for this great savings tool today by stopping by any branch location or contacting our Call Center

Savvy Money Checkup - Free financial assessment of your financial situation and it also includes powerful tips by leading financial experts to help you control your debt, build a budget, and start living the life you want to live.

Practical Money Skills -Robins Federal is proud to offer members FREE Financial Education through Practical Money Skills for Life. With articles, worksheets, and more this site has all you're looking for in high quality personal finance materials. Are you an educator? Check out the educator's section for new ideas for your classroom.

Good Grades Reward Program - Robins Federal Credit Union knows that a successful future starts in the classroom. Twice a year (June and December), Robins Federal awards two students with $500 in cash for maintaining good grades during a semester. There will be two winners - one at the high school level and one at the college level. You can save the money or put it towards school expenses.


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