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Got a jar of change at home? Don't worry about sorting or rolling coins. Bring them to one of our Coinstar machines and let it do the work for you.

Three options for redeeming your change:

  • Take the Coinstar voucher to the teller line and deposit the money into
    your account

  • Choose the e-Certificate option on the machine and receive a voucher
    with a "claim code". You can redeem your voucher at any of the
    following online stores: overstock.com, iTunes, Amazon.com, or Lowe's. You will not have to pay a fee, and
    you will receive full value of your coins.

  • Choose the Coins that Count option on the machine and receive a
    special IRS approved voucher. Your coins become a donation to your
    selected charity including Children's Miracle Network, United Way,
    American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Leukemia and Lymphoma
    Society, Unicef, World Wildlife Federation, and Pearl Harbor Memorial
    Fund (Please note your donation is fee free)

Robins Federal Credit Union offers the convenience of Coinstar Coin Counting at the following branches:


4066 Hartley Bridge Road

5999 Zebulon Road Branch

Warner Robins:

803 Watson Blvd

502 S. Houston Lake Rd

Robins Air Force Base

Bldg 20166 A


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