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VISA®  Falcon Fraud Detection System

Falcon Fraud Detection System

Using Neural networks, information processing systems that have the ability to learn and understand individual cardholder spending patterns, Robins issued cards are monitored around the clock. If uncharacteristic usage is noted, a fraud representative will phone the cardholder to verify the transaction is valid. If you are unavailable, the fraud representative will leave a message asking you to call back on a Robins dedicated toll free line, which is 866.864.9677.

For cardholders who are traveling abroad, click here for a list of VISA® International Toll Free Numbers for Falcon.

Please note that Falcon Fraud Representatives will never ask you to give any numbers off the back of your card or expiration dates. They will however, need to verify they are speaking to the cardholder and will ask for date of birth, last four digits of the primary cardholders SSN#, and zip code.

* VISA® liability guidelines apply; see a member service representative for details.


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