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Board of Directors

The roll of the credit union Board of Directors is to declare dividends be paid to shareholders, approve applications for membership, establish loan policies regarding interest rates, security and loan maturity, meet at least once monthly, authorize borrowing, supervise investments, establish and maintain internal controls, and to plan and hold annual meetings for membership.

Board Members:

    • Edward C. Hilliard, Chairman
    • James A. Kidd, Vice Chairman
    • John A. Jones, Treasurer
    • Mary S. Edenfield-Gibbs, Secretary
    • Ken L. Babbitt
    • Jackie D. Cleghorn
    • Donald R. Hanson
    • Mike D. Parker
    • Harold J. (Buzz) Sawyer

Each year an election for the Board of Directors is held by mail ballot and results are announced at the Annual Meeting. Each member of the Board of Directors serves a
three-year term; after their term is over they can be nominated and if elected can serve an additional three-year term. Additional nominees must agree to be a nominee for a position on the Robins Board of Directors and will willingly serve in that position if elected, and have not been convicted of any crime of theft or dishonesty.

A Credit Union's Supervisory Committee must oversee the "checks and balances" of the Credit Union. In accordance with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) through the use of outside audits, the members of the Supervisory make sure that the member's best interests are being served and that the credit union is financially secure.

Supervisory Committee:

    • Don Jarzynka, Chairman
    • Lamar Wiggins
    • Barry Brown



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