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Personal  Switch Kit

Switching your accounts to Robins Federal couldn’t be easier with a few simple steps. After you have opened your new Robins Federal Checking Account, you can switch your direct deposit, automatic payments and close your account with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Start or Change your Direct Deposit: You will need your 13 digit account number that is located on the bottom of your checks. If you don't have any Robins Federal checks please contact us to get your full 13 digit account number. If you would like your direct deposit to go in your Savings account please click here for help with finding that number.

Step 2: Change all automatic payments and withdrawals to your new Robins Federal account. You can use our form unless you have one of these other vendors debiting your account then you will need to go to their site for their form.

Step 3: Close your old checking account after any outstanding checks have cleared and your direct deposit and automatic payments have started at Robins Federal. It is a good idea to wait about 3 months to close your old account once everything has been switched to your new Robins Federal Checking Account.

To pay your bills online, sign up for Web Bill Pay by logging on to Online Banking. With Online Banking you can review your account anytime, anywhere and see your most recent history.

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