Benefits Of Credit Union Membership

Not all financial institutions are the same. Where you do your banking can make a major difference in how much you pay for loans, checking accounts, and lots more. When you begin weighing your options, it may seem like all financial institutions are the same. However, there are important differences between the big banks and credit unions like Robins Financial Credit Union. These differences could impact everything from the interest rates offered to the level and quality of service provided.

How do those differences directly impact you and your finances? Keep reading to find out the biggest benefits of choosing a credit union instead of a bank for your journey towards financial freedom.

Community Focus
Unlike banks, which operate for profit, credit unions such as Robins Financial are member-owned, democratically governed cooperatives. Because of that, our members are more than valued customers; they’re voting shareholders.

Regardless of wealth, each member’s vote carries equal weight. Credit unions take the time to get to know members personally, and are often active in the community via cultural and charitable endeavors such as scholarships, concerts, grants, donations and volunteerism.

Better Rates and Special Offers
Not-for-profit status puts credit unions in the perfect position to provide members the best possible financing rates and returns on savings and investments. As a result, national average returns for credit unions are significantly better than those of traditional banks. Credit union fees are lower on average than banks as well, putting even more cash in members’ pockets.

Easier financing approval
Credit unions also have the specified mission of providing members access to credit, especially those of modest means, and members are seen as more than just a set of numbers when seeking financing. People who know the applicants as individuals usually make credit union financing decisions, unlike in bank financing applications, which are typically sent off to corporate headquarters elsewhere. Because of their personal approach, credit unions are often more willing than banks to be flexible in their approval standards when a member has a less-than-stellar credit history.

Service Minded Philosophy
Credit unions like Robins Financial Credit Union believe that banking is about more than account numbers and credit limits. It’s about making a commitment to serving members with the highest standards of excellence when it comes to service, from the teller line to loan agents and financial advisors.

Top-notch products and services
Joining a credit union doesn’t mean settling for less; credit unions offer products and services that compete well with those of the big banks. Expect to find a wide variety of savings and investment account choices, free checking, excellent financing options and popular features such as mobile and online banking.

Convenient Access
Credit unions partner to provide members with access to a large network of fee-free ATMs across the country. Members also enjoy access to convenient branch locations, online banking and a mobile app. Robins Financial Credit Union branches and our top notch online services assure you can get to your money whenever and however you need to. And with Shared Branching, you can even access your Robins Financial account at thousands of credit union service centers nationwide.

Become A Member
When you become a member, you don't just bank at Robins Financial, you become a part of the Robins family, and all of the good work we do together for our community. We think everyone deserves Better Banking. So come make the switch to a financial institution that cares about you, about our community, and about your family’s financial well-being.

To find out more about the Credit Union Difference and how you can become a member of Robins Financial, call 800-241-2405, click, or visit any of our branch locations.

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