Turn cards on/off with Card Guard

Robins Financial Credit Union always looks for ways to increase security for members and are proud to offer a new, high tech security feature for members with Robins Financial Visa Debit and Credit Cards.

Robins Financial Card Guard is a free mobile app that lets you be in control and remotely manage all aspects of your existing Robins Financial debit and credit cards. It allows cardholders to turn on/off your cards in real time from your mobile phones helping to decrease credit and debit card fraud. Check out our Robins Financial Card Guard Tutorials for tips on how to navigate this tool.

Card Guard allows you to manage your cards in a number of ways such as:

  • Turn cards on and off with a single touch
  • Receive push or email transaction alerts
  • View your available balance and transaction history

Robins Financial Card Guard is available for download for both Android™ and Apple® devices.

Card Guard Terms and Conditions.