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Fraud Center  Protect Yoursef When Using Mobile Banking

Protect Yourself When Using Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Security Tips:

When you use a mobile device (cellular phone, PDA, etc) for browser or text-based account access, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the keypad lock or phone lock function on your mobile device
    when it is not in use. These functions password-protect your device so
    that nobody else can use it or view your information. Also be sure to
    store your device in a secure location.

  • Frequently delete text messages from your financial institution. Be
    sure and delete sensitive information before loaning out, discarding or
    selling your mobile device.
  • Never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or any sensitive information like your date of birth or social security number that could be used in Identity Theft)
  • You may want to take precautions and consider installing anti-virus/
    anti-malware software on your mobile device.

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