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Telemarketers have become a commonplace part of the consumer lifestyle.  Due to continued and aggressive phone techniques by telemarketers , the Federal Trade Commission instituted the “Do Not Call” registry initiated by thousands of consumer complaints.  While many telemarketers are legitimate, beware of callers that target consumers who may be too trusting.  Here are a few tips to safeguard yourself from telemarketing scams:

  • Only do business with companies that you know and trust. If a company or charity is unfamiliar, check it out with your state or local consumer agency and the Better Business Bureau. Fraudulent operators open and close quickly, so the fact that no one has made a complaint yet doesn’t guarantee the company or charity is legitimate. Ask for advice about the type of pitch you received and the danger signs of fraud.
  • Some telemarketing pitches are blatantly fraudulent, and you should know the signs. It’s illegal for telemarketers to ask for a fee upfront if they promise or claim it’s likely they’ll get you a credit card or loan, or to “repair” your credit. It’s also illegal for any company to ask you to pay or buy something to win a prize, or to claim that paying will increase your chances of winning. And it’s illegal to buy and sell tickets to foreign lotteries by phone or mail.
  • Other danger signs of fraud may he harder to recognize. They include: pressure to act immediately; refusal to send you written information; use of scare tactics; demands to send payment by wire or courier; demands for payment of taxes or customs fees to claim a prize; requests for your financial account numbers even though you’re not paying for something with them; promises to recover money you’ve lost in other scams, for a fee; claims that you can make lots of money working from home; and refusal to stop calling when you say you’re not interested.

For more tips on fraudulent telemarketer scams, go to www.fraud.org.




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