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Our Motto

Showing We Appreciate by Giving Back

Our Mission

To make random appearances in the community and surprise people by simply giving back

Why SWAG unsuspecting citizens in the community?

We do it because we believe in our community and we are grateful to be doing business here. We want to give back to the community, share the wealth, help people and give gifts. How awesome is that?

Why share the wealth?

Robins Federal is a non-profit organization. We put our profits back into the community in the form of lower interest rates on loans and high dividend rates on savings accounts. We also make donations and sponsorships to worthy causes all over Middle Georgia. Plus, we enjoy giving away exciting gifts to the public!

Fun Facts

  • 1. Since its inception in 2010, the SWAG Patrol has given over 100 gallons of FREE gas to dozens of unsuspecting random people. Only one person ran away screaming...

  • 2. Robins Federal Credit Union members can access their accounts at over 4,000 branch locations nationwide. It's called Shared Branching. Find a service center near you at allco-op.org.

  • 3. Did you know that Robins Federal Credit Union members can use over 2,200 ATM's at no charge? Just look for the CUHERE network. We love spoiling our members with free stuff!

  • 4. Robins Federal Credit Union has 19 branches near almost 20 colleges, universities, and technical schools in Georgia. So take us to college with you! We might even help pay for your books or something. (Check out our Good Grades Reward Program).
  • 5. Robins Federal Credit Union serves 16 counties in Georgia. That means that you...yes...YOU can bank with Robins Federal! So what are you waiting for? They call it Better Banking for Everyone. Spread the word.

  • 6. Many banks have hidden fees. Some banks have begun adding new hidden fees. You won't find this at Robins Federal Credit Union. We believe that everyone deserves better banking. Don't you?

  • 7. Robins Federal Credit Union has been an active member of the community for over 57 years, providing service, sponsorship, and volunteer support to over 500 worthy causes and initiatives.
  • 8. Robins Federal Credit Union isn't just for people. We have a full range of products and services designed specifically for businesses, including business loans. We triple-dog-dare you to tell your friends.

  • 9. With a MyMoney MyWay® account at Robins Federal, you are eligible to receive up to $10-per-month in refunds for using non-Robins ATMs. Pretty nice, huh?

  • 10. Since 2008, Robins Federal Credit Union has given away more than $106,000 in cash and prizes through various contests and incentives. That's what happens when you're a non-profit credit union - you share the profits with the people!

  • 11. With e-Alerts, Robins Federal Credit Union will e-mail you or send you an MMS message to your cell phone regarding certain activity on your account. So you're not left wondering if that sandwich you bought at lunch put you over the limit.
  • 12. Mobile Banking is not actually a vehicle that drives around with an ATM attached to it. It's actually about providing access to your account anytime, anywhere on your cell phone. So stop chasing that guy's van, pick up your phone and visit go.robinsfcu.org

  • 13. Millionaires have people that take care of things for them, like pay their bills and rub their feet. With Robins Federal Credit Union, we'll treat you like a millionaire and pay your bills for you, FREE OF CHARGE! Just sign up for Web Bill Pay. As for rubbing your feet, you're on your own with that.

  • 14. With Robins Federal Credit Union e-Statements, you can view your monthly statements online anytime you want. They will even self destruct after you view them. Well maybe not, but they're cool nonetheless.

  • 15. Robins Federal Credit Union sells used vehicles. All kinds - trucks, SUVs, sports cars, sedans, rockets...ok, we don't have rockets, but we do have some pretty sweet rides for sale at incredible prices.

  • 16. Chances are good that you have built up equity in your home. We're talking thousands of dollars could be available to you. Home Equity loans give you access to that money for things like remodeling the kitchen, putting in a pool, taking a big vacation, college tuition...you name it!

  • 17. Robins Federal Credit Union is well known for offering extremely low rates on our auto loans, but the same goes for their mortgage, home equity, and business loans. Check us out, we beat the competition's rates all the time.
  • 18. With a MyMoney MyWay® account at Robins Federal, if you make an honest mistake and overdraft your account, we'll forgive you up to two times per year. We believe that while young people are figuring it all out, they shouldn't be penalized.

  • 19. Robins Federal is just like any bank, but better. We offer checking, savings, loans, certificates, credit cards, online services, investment & retirement services, and business services. We offer better rates, higher value, better service, and a personal touch. Whew! We really do have it all!

  • 20. You can bank with Robins Federal. Yes, everyone can bank with us! We proudly serve everyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or regularly does business in the Middle Georgia area. That's good stuff!

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SWAG, You're It!

  • 1. Make a double-batch of something delicious and freezable and give it to an older neighbor who doesn't cook for him or herself as much anymore.

  • 2. Buy a bag of good groceries – high-quality coffee, whole-grain pasta, a box of decadent cookies or other treats you'd normally buy for yourself – and donate it to your local food bank or shelter.

  • 3. Hold the door for people behind you, especially if the person behind is carrying packages, bags or kids.

  • 4. A warm smile and a friendly hello go a long way.

  • 5. Take your sibling's kids out for the day – to the movies, strawberry picking, for a hike. The parents could probably use a break and the kids will love it.
  • 6. Volunteer for a charity. Pick a cause that's near and dear to your heart and donate your time to them.

  • 7. Take your neighbors trash to the curb while you're taking yours. Imagine their surprise when they see that the chore is already done.

  • 8. Let someone go ahead of you in line.

  • 9. Offer to take care of a neighbor's pet when they go away on a small vacation. They'll be comfortable knowing their pet is in good hands.

  • 10. Make a meal for friends with a newborn baby. If they're far away, send a gift card for the grocery store or a favorite restaurant so they can pick something up.
  • 11. Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru. It will make someone's day!

  • 12. Help someone who looks lost with directions. Most people are intimidated and feel vulnerable when they're lost. Offering to help them find their destination will relieve them.

  • 13. Donate blood. One single donation can help up to 4 people – that should be inspiring enough. Check out the American Red Cross website for more information.

  • 14. Donate your used clothes, toys, and housewares to charity.

  • 15. Take a CPR class. You never know when you might be in a position to put those life-saving skills into practice.

  • 16. Write a note to a co-worker, friend, or family member to let them know how much you value them.
  • 17. Help keep your city clean. Pick up plastic bottles and other trash you see around your neighborhood and deposit it in its appropriate place.

  • 18. They say that smiling is contagious. Pick a day to smile at everyone you pass on the street.

  • 19. If you've discovered a great little restaurant or store, spread the word. The business and whoever you tell will both benefit.

  • 20. On a random weekend, surprise your unsuspecting spouse with breakfast in bed. It will make their day.

  • 21. Next time you're at your favorite restaurant, leave your server a very generous tip.

  • 22. While cutting grass, raking leaves, etc, do your neighbor's yard too.

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