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Donations & Sponsorships

Through direct financial support or other in-kind contributions to local organizations, and by participating in public service activities, Robins Federal is an active partner in our community. We recognize that practicing good citizenship supports the Credit Union Philosophy of "People Helping People."

Donation & Sponsorship Policy

It is Robins Federal Credit Union's objective to promote credit union involvement and to utilize budgeted financial resources, whenever possible, within Robins Federal Credit union's 16 county area.

Requests must meet the following qualifications to be considered:


  • Must benefit a charitable cause
  • Must qualify as a non-profit/tax exempt organization under Section
    501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or organizations that are tax
    exempt under 501c(3), if it operates primarily to promote and develop
    credit unions.
  • Limit of one donation to an organization per calendar year.

  • Must create a positive image in the community.
  • Support the development of and/or benefit the community as a whole.
  • Create positive recognition of the Credit Union.
  • Limit of one sponsorship to an organization per calendar year.

Donations/sponsorships cannot be made to individuals, political candidates, individual teams or organizations that do not benefit a large segment of the community, religious organizations/churches, or organizations or projects outside the 16 county area.

Application Process
For your donation or sponsorship request to be considered you must complete our Donation & Sponsorship Request Form below. Please include all available levels of sponsorship with your request. Any supporting documentation can be emailed to marketing@robinsfcu.org.

* A completed W-9 form for the organization will be required for any approved Donation & Sponsorship before funds are dispursed.

Donation & Sponsorship Form

For consideration please submit request at least 30 days in advance of the event, funding, or printing deadline. Any application received within 30 days of the event or deadline may not be considered.

Please list organization's name and address that the check should be made payable to, in the event that your request is approved.

Organization Name:
Event or Project Name:
City: State:     Zip Code:
Contact Person Name (First) (Last)
Daytime Phone Number: ( )-- Email Address:

501c3 Number or Proof of Tax Exemption (Proof of tax exemption must be submitted before a donation may be made. Please send supporting documents below.)

Does this organization receive federal or state funding? yes

Counties Organization Serves:
Event Date: Date Funding Needed:
Location of Event (please include venue and city):
Estimated Attendance:
Amount of Funding Requested: $

Please list the various levels of sponsorship, if applicable. Include the benefits of each level of sponsorship:

What percentage of the total budget would be provided by Robins Federal?
(divide the amount requested from Robins Federal by the total amount needed)


List other organizations contributing and the estimated percentage of contribution.

Briefly describe the mission and purpose of your organization.

It is the mission of Robins Federal Credit Union to create a positive impact on the communities where we do business. Briefly describe how the community benefits from your organization or event.

How many years has your organization been in existence? How many years has this event taken place?

How would Robins Federal Credit Union be recognized for its donation or sponsorship? Please list publicity plan for Robins Federal Credit Union (ex: ad, banner, website, handouts, etc.)

Would Robins Federal employees be involved in this event and if so, how?


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