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We asked some young people from the area to talk about their experiences with banking and they had a lot to share. View their testimonials

Better Banking means bright financial futures. That's why we created the MyMoney MyWay® Accounts for those ages 16-26. MyMoney MyWay® accounts help young adults establish good financial habits early. With products like our MyMoney MyWay® Checking account that offers NSF forgiveness, to our First Time Auto Loanand MyMoney MyWay® VISA® credit card that help establish credit, Robins Federal will keep you on track to a secure financial future. We even have a MyMoney MyWay® Savings account and Easy Save Share Certificate to help you reach your personal savings goals.

We not only care about your financial future, but we also care about your academic future. At Robins Federal, we reward students for their academic success through our Good Grades Rewards and MEST Scholarship Program.

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