How Credit Unions Help You Protect Your Accounts

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At Robins Financial, we are committed to keeping our members and their accounts secure and protected. Safeguarding member information is a top priority for us. In addition to the advanced security measures we have in place to protect you, we also offer a variety of features that help you monitor your accounts so you can stay on top of your finances and not be caught off guard by fraudulent activity on your account. Here are a few of the tools we provide to help you keep your accounts safe:

Digital Banking

Our convenient Digital Banking services allow you to securely access and monitor your accounts anytime, anywhere. Regularly checking your account activity helps you stay on top of your finances, and helps you easily notice any suspicious activity so that you can report it to us as soon as you see it.

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is a second layer of protection provided when you log in to your Digital Banking. After logging in using your specific username and password, you may be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code (SAC) that will be sent to one of the registered contact methods we have on file for you. Your SAC can either be texted to your mobile device, sent to your email address, or you can opt to receive a phone call which will recite out the code for you. The 6-digit code will then need to be entered into the SAC field in your browser window or on your mobile device. If you choose to “Register this Device,” you may not continue to receive a Secure Access Code each time; only if it has been a long time since you last logged in to your Digital Banking account, or if you are attempting to log in from a new device.

This additional verification step helps keep your accounts secure by allowing us to essentially “double check” your identity before logging on and providing access to your account. 2-Step Verification makes it much harder for fraudsters to access your account, because they would need to have your specific username and password, as well as access to either your email account or your device that the Secure Access Code is being sent to. This is just one more way we are working to provide top-notch security for our members.


Using e-Alerts helps you stay on track by delivering alerts of activity on your account via email or text message to your mobile device. You can choose to be notified of events such as: direct deposits received, debit card purchases, withdrawals (automatic, ATM, check, etc.), loan payments due, low balance, insufficient funds, and more. You can even select for a daily alert to be sent notifying you of your account balance. Utilizing e-Alerts will help keep you up-to-date of any activity that occurs on your account and will notify you instantly, which helps you be able to earlier detect any potential fraudulent activity. You can activate and manage e-Alerts from within your account in Digital Banking.


You can opt to have your monthly account statement be made available to you electronically, rather than being sent through the mail. Signing up for e-Statements not only saves paper and postage, it also eliminates the risk of having your statement lost or stolen, thus helping you prevent attempts at identity theft. With e-Statements, you can easily and securely store your records electronically, which can help you stay organized and allow you to easily monitor your monthly account activity, so you can be quick to notice and report any disparities.

Card Guard

Our free mobile Card Guard app allows you to be in control and remotely manage all aspects of your Robins Financial debit and credit cards. By using Card Guard, you have the ability to set alerts for different types of card activity, easily turn your cards off and on with just a touch, and set up location match. You can set card alerts based on transaction amounts or the type of transaction, for example when the card is used at gas stations, ATM transactions, if the card is declined, or international activity. If your card is lost, you suspect it has been stolen, or even if you know you won’t be using it for a while, you have the ability to turn it off instantly which greatly reduces your risk of falling victim to debit and credit card fraud. The location match feature in the Card Guard app uses the GPS in your mobile phone to send your location information to Visa in order to compare the merchant location where your card was used to your GPS location at the time of the transaction. This feature works internationally, and allows easy detection and notification of your card being used without you present.

Keeping our members safe and protected is of the utmost importance, which is why we constantly strive to provide the best security technology so we can offer peace of mind for our members. Our commitment to protection and security is just one of the many ways we provide Better Banking for our members every day. To learn more about how we protect our members and how you can protect yourself, give us a call or stop by any of our branch locations.

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