Money Smart Programs

Money Smart Programs

Digital Banking Guide

It pays to learn about finance – literally!

Robins Financial Credit Union is proud to partner with Zogo, a gamified financial literacy platform that rewards you for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons.

As a Robins Financial member, you can enjoy exclusive access to a fun, simplified way of learning about personal finance – and get paid while doing it!

By completing modules, taking interactive quizzes, and participating in daily trivia games, you can earn virtual “pineapples” then redeem those for real-life rewards – like gift cards to your favorite stores!

  • Available in Digital Banking

    Available in Digital Banking

    Earn points for completing lessons

    Earn points for completing lessons

    Redeem points for gift cards & rewards

    Redeem points for gift cards & rewards

    • Saving & Spending
    • Investing & Retirement
    • Risk & Insurance
    • Information Security
    • Housing & Transportation
    • Government & Taxes
    • Education & Careers
    • Entrepreneurship

    View our Digital Banking Guide to learn more about accessing Zogo in Digital Banking.

  • How Zogo Works

    • Enjoy access to 800+ bite-sized financial education modules
    • Modules meet all the national standards for financial literacy
    • Learn topics like opening an account, saving for retirement, and everything in between to help you intelligently save, spend, and manage your money at every stage
    • Begin each module by learning 5 concepts before taking a quick 5 question quiz
    • Earn points (in the form of pineapples!) for completing each module
    • Exchange pineapples for gift cards and other rewards sponsored by Robins Financial
    • Robins Financial members receive access to the Zogo platform at no cost
    • Seamlessly integrated with Robins Financial’s Digital Banking platform

    How to access Zogo

    • Login to Digital Banking
    • In the main menu, click Products & Services
    • Click Financial Education
    • Start to earn while you learn!

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It's A Money Thing Academy is a financial literacy program designed to engage young adults and provide the tools they need to manage their finances successfully. These free online courses teach young adults about a variety of financial topics, including:

  • Earning an Income

    Earning an Income

    Buying Goods & Services

    Buying Goods & Services

    Financial Investing

    Financial Investing

    • Saving
    • Spending
    • Borrowing
    • Using Credit
    • Protecting & Insuring
    • Scams & Fraud

    Enroll Now in It's A Money Thing Academy and get on the road to your bright financial future!

    To learn more about these free financial literacy resources, please email us at

  • Programs for Teachers

    We would love to partner with you to share our It’s A Money Thing curriculum in your classroom! Our Reality Check event is designed for high school and college students. With this one-day immersive in-classroom program, students will gain hands-on knowledge to equip them to navigate their personal finances.

    Program Highlights

    • Students go through the day as their 26-year-old self. They have a career, a family, and, most importantly, bills and living expenses.
    • As students visit each station, they quickly realize the importance of a budget. They have to make decisions so they can afford everything needed to live on their own.
    • Reality Check is a unique and eye-opening experience for students.
    • Perfect for 50-100 students per day.
    • Compliments our It’s A Money Thing Academy, our web-based learning platform.

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Robins Financial Credit Union knows that a successful future starts in the classroom. That’s why twice a year, in January & July, we award $500 to 3 students for maintaining good grades during a semester.

3 winners are selected – 1 at the middle school level, 1 at the high school level, and 1 at the college level.

  • $500 Reward

    3 winners

    January & July

    • Must have 3.0 GPA to be eligible
    • Must be a member of Robins Financial Credit Union to be eligible
    • If selected, you will be required to supply a copy of your grades for verification

Our annual scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors within our 45 counties of membership who are interested in furthering their education

Each year, we award students with a 1-year, $2,000 scholarship that is paid directly to the university, college, technical, or trade school that they will be attending in the State of Georgia.

Applications are accepted online from January to March.

College/University Scholarship

Designed specifically for students who plan to attend a college or university in the State of Georgia.  Some examples of these institutions include:

  • University of Georgia
  • Middle Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Georgia College
  • Valdosta State University

Technical/Trade School Scholarship

Designed specifically for students who plan to attend a technical or trade school in the State of Georgia.  Some examples of these institutions include:

  • Georgia Trade School
  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  • Southeast Lineman Training Center
  • Georgia Institute of Cosmetology
  • Central Georgia Technical College
  • $2,000 Scholarship

    One-time award


    • Must be a Robins Financial Credit Union member.
    • Must be a current high school senior.
    • Must be attending a college, university, technical, or trade school in the State of Georgia.
    • Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the university or college that the student is attending
    • Applications will be disqualified if they are missing any of the required information or if the application is not received by the deadline.
    • No mail, hard copy email/fax or phone applications will be accepted. No exceptions.

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Better Banking means bright financial futures. That's why we have specifically tailored accounts and programs to help children, teens, and young adults establish good financial habits.

  • Rockin' Robin




    MyMoney MyWay®


    Rockin' Robin

    Our Rockin' Robin accounts are designed for kids up to 12 years old to teach good financial habits early. Open a Savings or Certificate for your child and watch their savings grow!


    Our MyStash Checking Account provides kids 12 to 15 years old with the opportunity to learn important money management skills in partnership with their parents.

    MyMoney MyWay®

    Our MyMoney MyWay® Accounts are for those ages 16-26 to teach financial independence and wise money management. Our products include Checking, Savings, and Visa® Credit Card options, and our First Time Auto Loan to put you behind the wheel of your first car!