FICO® Scores

FICO® Scores

FICO® Scores

What are FICO® Scores? How do they impact my ability to get a loan or establish credit with a financial institution? How do I find out what my FICO® Score is? Where can I go to get my score? Is there a fee to obtain this information?

We have all heard the term FICO® Score used at some point in time and we may have even wondered what the term means, or if it's even relevant in our lives. And if it is, how it impacts us from a financial Standpoint.

What does that mean to me

Learning and understanding as much as you can about your FICO® Score is a win-win because it empowers you and your ability to take control of your financial well-being.

With this in mind, Robins Financial is pleased to announce that an exciting new feature is now available through Digital Banking that allows eligible members to view their FICO® Score for free!

Here's how it works

If you are a Robins Financial member and you have an active checking account or a Visa® credit card with us, you are now able to access and view your FICO® Score online when you login to your account.

What happens next

When Robins Financial receives updated FICO® Scores during its normal course of business and the scores are updated within Digital Banking, a notification tile will appear on the Account Summary page upon login.

You need only click the notification tile to access the FICO® Score 9 based on Experian data, this is the version of FICO® Score used by Robins Financial. This screen will allow you to view your current score, in addition to details regarding the score.


Use the links below for an in depth guide to understanding your FICO® Score, as well as some frequently asked questions:

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