Mortgage and Homebuying Videos

Mortgage and Homebuying Videos

Mortgage and Home Buying Process Videos

Purchasing a home can be very exciting and very nerve-racking. But we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. That is why we came up with a series of videos that cover the home buying process from start to finish. Click on any of the thumbnails below and when you are ready to begin your journey, we are here to help!

First Time Home Buying:

In this video we discuss the three stages of buying a home. Preparing and finding a house, applying for a mortgage loan, and closing on your mortgage loan.

Applying for a Mortgage:

In this video we will discuss the application process, various mortgage loan options, what you'll need in order to apply, and how the approval process works.

What to Expect at Closing:

At last it’s time to close! But what can you expect at closing? What do you need to do? Where will it be at? What exactly happens? We've got all the answers you need in this video to help you understand this final, yet most important step, to getting your dream home.

Understanding your Home Loan:

As your guide through the mortgage loan process, Robins Financial wants to make sure you have a clear understanding of the key parts of your mortgage loan. In this video, we’ll break down the various upfront and ongoing costs involved in buying a home.

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