• What You Need to Know about the Equifax Data Breach

    You have probably heard a lot of information lately about a major data breach with Equifax. This data breach affected millions of Americans, so Robins Financial Credit Union wants to make sure our members are aware of the situation and help them stay informed.

    Here is what you need to know:

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  • Cost-Effective Choices for Remodeling Your Home

    Home renovation projects can greatly increase the value of your home, in addition to adding living space, but they can also be expensive. Contractor fees, labor costs and materials and supplies can add up quickly, particularly for home additions. If you want to do large home improvements but don't have the cash on hand to do it, there are financing options that will allow for your remodeling needs.

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  • Transfer Limits in Online Banking…Regulation D Explained

    As a Robins Financial Credit Union member, we want to keep you in the know. So today, we are going to answer a common question that members have related to transactions in Online Banking. Why can’t I do more than 6 transfers from my savings account per month? It’s not a Robins Financial exclusive rule, we promise. The reason is more complex, but the simple answer is because of a rule set by the Federal Reserve called, Regulation D.

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  • Home Improvements that Pay Off

    You love your home and aren’t in the market to sell, but did you know that there are projects you can do now that will ultimately add value to your home? Making improvements now is not only making things better for you now, but ultimately they’re an investment in your future. By making certain improvements now you could be increasing the value of your home that will exceed the cost of the improvement.

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  • Is A Credit Union Mortgage Right For You?

    You already have your dream house in mind, but have you considered who you would like as your lender? Commercial banks aren't the only financial institutions that originate mortgages. Credit unions are another option.

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  • Buying vs. Renting a Home

    Renting definitely has its benefits but there’s something about owning a home that gives you a feeling that you’re in control of your surroundings and you’re making an investment in something tangible.

    If you are just starting to look at your options, the first step is to consider whether buying a home or renting one makes better sense for you.

    Pros of Homeownership

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  • Millennials and Home Buying

    For people in their 20s and early 30s, renting is the norm and home ownership is the exception. Many young people are just out of college with student loans and entry-level earnings that can make it hard to save for a house while renting at the same time. Plenty of millennials feel as if they’ll never see the end of their student loan debt, much less save enough money to make a down payment on their first home. The average student loan debt for the class of 2015 climbed to $35,000.

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  • Guide For First Time Home Buyers

    You’ve taken a huge step and are ready to buy your first home. This is an exciting time but since a house is likely the largest purchase you’ve ever made it can also be a very stressful time. Preparation and attention to detail is extremely important throughout the home buying process.

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  • What is a Digital Wallet?

    Technology is everywhere you turn today. It’s even taking over our wallets. If you bought a smartphone in the last year or two, you may have noticed that it touted digital wallet technology. Wallets, cash, and credit cards have worked for ages so, you’ve probably wondered why you would switch from whatever system is working for you now. Here are some things to consider about this new digital wallet technology.

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