The Best Times to Buy a Car

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Vehicle costs fluctuate constantly throughout the year. If you aren’t in immediate need and are able to hold off until the ideal time to purchase a new car, you could end up saving yourself up to thousands of dollars on the total cost. That’s certainly worth the wait! Here are some of the best times to save when you start shopping for your next vehicle:

Don’t Wait for the Weekend

Car dealerships are often crowded during the weekend, when more people have time to visit. There is less customer traffic during the week, particularly at the beginning of the week, which increases your chances of receiving more personal attention from salespeople. More one-on-one time with the salesperson puts you in a better position to negotiate for a good deal on your purchase.

Shop at the End of the Month

Car dealerships have sales goals they try to meet each month. However, the deadlines for a dealership’s monthly goals don’t always sync up with the calendar month. Instead of going to the dealership on the actual last day of the month, plan to visit a few days earlier. Try to schedule your shopping for the last week of the month so you can take advantage of the dealership’s willingness to meet their goal and offer you a better deal.

Shop Late in the Year

Just like their monthly sales goals, dealerships also have quarterly and yearly sales goals. These goals overlap and come down to the wire as the year draws to a close, making the end of the year your best window of opportunity to take advantage of offers to help the dealership meet their goals. Shopping in October, November, and December gives you the best chances at receiving a great deal.

Take Advantage of Sales

Year-end sales are a great time to save on your next car purchase, but don’t forget about holiday sales! In fact, holiday sales sometimes offer even better discounts on car prices.

Black Friday is the busiest retail day of the year with all of its deals and discounts, and that goes for car dealerships too. You may find significant price reductions that are worth braving the crowds.

Summer time can be one of the more expensive times of year when it comes to car-buying, but dealerships once again hop on the retail bandwagon to offer discounts around the Memorial Day holiday. Models for the next year start to come out around the middle of the year, which cuts the prices of cars already on the lot.

As previously mentioned, salespeople are trying to meet their monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales quotas at the end of the year, so New Year’s Eve may end up being one of the best times to find a great deal.

Wait Until New Models Come Out

Car dealerships have limited space on their lot, so once they start to get in new models, they’re looking to sell off their current stock to make room. The next year’s models typically start to roll out in the summer, so that could be your prime time to get a current year model at an excellent discount.

It’s All About Timing

Waiting for the best time to buy may require strategic scheduling (and patience), but with time on your side, you can make buying your dream car a reality – at a fraction of the cost. You can save thousands by waiting for the right time of year, month, even down to the right day.

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