Make Your Life Easier with Direct Deposit

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Make Your Life Easier with Direct Deposit

Make Your Life Easier with Direct Deposit

When you start a new job and provide your employer the information needed to receive your payment, your only option used to be receiving a traditional paper check. Now there are more options available. You can receive your paycheck in cash, or you can be paid electronically using direct deposit. Each payment method has its advantages and disadvantages. You can check with your employer’s Human Resources department to see if direct deposit is an option to receive your paycheck. With direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically deposited right into your bank account so you receive your payment faster and can manage your finances even easier.

What Is Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit allows you to receive your paycheck electronically, eliminating the need for a physical check or cash. Direct deposit uses a system known as Automated Clearing House, or ACH, to deposit your funds into your account. This allows your employer to electronically transfer funds from their banking account directly into yours. By using direct deposit, you won’t have to worry about if your paycheck clears before paying bills or making purchases. Setting up direct deposit is easy and helps you simplify your financial life.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

By using direct deposit, you can save yourself a trip to a branch to cash or deposit your check. And no more waiting for the funds to clear. Direct deposit automatically deposits your paycheck into your account each payday as soon as your employer posts your paycheck. This gives you immediate and convenient access to your money. Additionally, you can make it easier to achieve your savings goals by setting up an automatic transfer right after paydays to set aside a portion of each paycheck to go directly into your savings account. Direct deposit is a dependable way to ensure you always get your money on time, whether you are at work on payday or not. It also eliminates the risk of having your paycheck lost or stolen. With direct deposit, you have more control over your money and your time.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

All you need to set up direct payment deposits into your Robins Financial checking or savings account is our routing number and your account number. You can find both of these numbers at the bottom of your personal checks or in Digital Banking. Visit our Digital Banking User Guide for instructions on how to locate each of these numbers in Digital Banking.

Routing Number

Each financial institution has their own unique 9 digit routing number, which how we are identified by the Federal Reserve. This number tells your employer’s financial institution where your financial account is located to deposit your paycheck. Robins Financial Credit Union Routing Number is: 261171587.

Account Number

Each member has their own unique 13 digit account number, which is how you are identified by us. This number tells your financial institution which account to deposit your paycheck funds into when the direct deposit is received from your employer.

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