Using Credit Card Rewards to Save on Travel

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Using Credit Card Rewards to Save on Travel

Using Credit Card Rewards to Save on Travel

Are you planning on traveling during the holidays? Let your credit card help get you there! With your Robins Financial Visa® Platinum Rewards Card, you can use the rewards you’ve earned through our Scorecard® Rewards Program to help you save on travel expenses. Effectively using your credit card rewards can cut down your travel costs and help you save even more for your trip.

Use Your Card Wisely

It’s never a good idea to charge up a trip to your credit card that you can’t really afford. You still want to maintain responsible credit usage so you don’t damage your credit score. But there are ways to responsibly use your card that can help you bring down travel costs and save for your trip. To best benefit from your credit card rewards program, you need to pay off your balance in full and on time every month. If you carry a large balance, the interest you’ll wind up paying will outweigh the value of the rewards you might earn. The only way to truly save money with a credit card is by never carrying a balance forward and avoiding interest charges.

Build Up Your Rewards

One great strategy to help you quickly and easily rack up rewards is to put all of your recurring bills on your rewards card. Putting your fixed monthly expenses such as utilities, internet and phone bills, subscription purchases, etc. on your credit card will help you earn rewards without spending extra money on unnecessary purchases just to earn rewards. Plus, keeping all of your bills on one card can make it easier for you to track your bills and stay on top of your budget, especially if you don’t put any other charges on the card besides these bills.

Another way to build up rewards points is to use your credit card for large purchases you’ve been saving for. Remember, buying something on impulse just to earn rewards is not responsible credit use and won’t help you in the long run. But if there’s a big purchase you’ve planned and saved for, such as an appliance, furniture, or a computer, charging that to your rewards card can help you earn a considerable rewards points. Just be sure to pay it off right away with the money you had been saving for it so you don’t accrue interest on the purchase.

Be sure to review the details of your credit card rewards program. Some credit cards shell out higher rewards on specific types of purchases, such as gas or dining, or at stores you may already shop at regularly. If your card pays more rewards on fuel purchases, then use that card every time you fill up your tank. If you earn extra points on dining purchases, charging your meals when you eat out will help you earn more rewards. There are also credit cards that offer specific travel-based rewards for things like hotel and airline purchases, so if you do a lot of traveling near the holidays or throughout the year normally, then a card with travel rewards can really help you boost your travel savings.

Redeem Your Rewards

Once you’ve earned a substantial rewards balance, it’s time to redeem your rewards to help you make the most of your travel plans. Try to build up a sizeable bank of points before you redeem that you can spend on big-ticket rewards to take your travel to the next level. With your Robins Financial Credit Union Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card, your rewards points can be redeemed for:

  • Cash back – Reward yourself with extra money in your pocket to spend on your travel.
  • Fuel discounts – Save even more on your travel by earning discounts when you fill up before hitting the road.
  • Gift cards – Save your travel budget and use gift cards to pay for dining.
  • Merchandise – Browse our extensive selection of top-rated travel essentials including luggage, toiletry kits, headphones and other travel accessories, and more.
  • Experiences – Indulge yourself an exclusive resort stay, spa day, private cooking class, and other unique experiences.

At Robins Financial, our credit cards work for you, which is why we offer the lowest rates possible, low to no fees, and great perks through the Scorecard® Rewards Program. View our rates and credit card agreement for more information, or apply online now or over the phone.