What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

The safety and security of our members is a top priority for us. We regularly update our security measures to ensure we provide the latest and best protection possible for our members. One of the ways we are able to offer enhanced protection for Digital Banking users is Multi-Factor Authentication.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor or two-factor authentication provides an added layer of protection when you log in to Digital Banking. This extra step in the verification process is used to confirm your identity when you log in and to prevent any unauthorized attempts to access your account. Multi-factor authentication is available and encouraged for many different sites, not just Digital Banking.

How Does it Work?

Multi-factor authentication requires you to enter a time-sensitive code before allowing you to complete a login attempt. When logging in to Digital Banking, after you enter your unique Login ID and password you may be prompted to select a phone number to receive a Secure Access Code (SAC). The SAC is a 6-digit code that will be sent to one of the registered phone numbers we have on file for your Robins Financial account. The SAC can be delivered via text message to your mobile device or you can receive a phone call which will recite out the code for you. You will then need to enter the SAC to finish logging in to Digital Banking. The code is only valid for a short period of time, so it needs to be entered immediately once you receive it. Your SAC is for your use only and is never to be shared with anyone else for any reason. The additional verification step of entering a unique code that is sent to the phone number registered to your account helps us keep your account secure by allowing us to essentially “double check” your identity before providing access to your account.

Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication?

The most common reason why you may need to receive and enter a Secure Access Code when logging in to Digital Banking is if you are logging in from a new device. You may also be prompted to receive and enter a Secure Access Code if it has been a long time since the last time you logged in to Digital Banking. Multi-factor authentication makes it much harder for fraudsters to access your accounts, since they would not only need to know your specific Login ID and password, they would also need to have access to the device that the Secure Access Code is sent to. Multi-factor authentication is just one more way we provide top-notch security for our members.

Can I Use It For Other Accounts?

Many other websites and apps utilize multi-factor authentication. The extra verification step in the login process provides added security for any accounts you access online, not just your Robins Financial Digital Banking account. Enabling multi-factor authentication on every account possible will take your account protections to the next level.

Protecting your information works best when we have your help. Let’s work together to keep your accounts protected. To learn more about how we protect our members every day and how you can protect yourself, review our Security and Fraud information online, and watch our Scams and Fraud playlist on YouTube.

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