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NSF Fee Elimination

We have exciting news to share: We are eliminating NSF fees!

Beginning May 1st, we will no longer charge Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees for all members. Going forward, if a member has insufficient funds, they will no longer be charged an NSF fee for the returned item.

We will also continue to offer no-fee Overdraft Protection Transfer service. Members with a checking account can sign up for overdraft protection by linking their checking account to a savings account or even a Visa® credit card. If sufficient funds are not available in the checking account when a qualifying transaction is processed, funds are then transferred from the linked account at no cost to the member.

Additionally, members who previously used the NSF e-Alert have been converted to the low balance alert. This new alert will let you know when your account balance drops below $10, rather than alerting you when your account is already negative. For more information or to update this alert, please see our Digital Banking Guide

Eliminating NSF fees is part of our ongoing commitment to offering low or no fee services. This also reflects our commitment to living out our mission to be Member Focused, Financial Partners, and Community Proud.