Consumer Fees

Rates Table
Service Fees Amounts
Bounce Protection Overdraft: $25.00
Checks, ACH, and Transactions not listed below
Point of Sale and ATM withdrawals (tiered)
Less than $50.00 of negative account balance: $10.00
$50.01 or greater negative account balance: $25.00
Overdraft Protection $3.00 per item
NSF Fee $25.00 per item
Stop Payment $25.00 per request
Check Printing Prices may vary depending on style
Check Copy $2.00 per item
Returned Deposits $25.00 per item
Statement Copy $.25 per page
Account Research $12.00 per hour, plus copy fee
Collection Item $20.00 per item
Wire (Incoming) $0.00
Wire (Outgoing) $15.00 per transfer
Wire (International) $35.00 per request
Code Wire $8.00 per transfer
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per item **
Check Cashing Fee charged only if member does not have an account balance to cover the amount of check or does not have an account qualifier.
Official Check $3.00 per check
Money Order $2.00 per money order
Inactive Account Fee $3.00 per month, after 2 years of inactivity.
Escheat Account Processing Fee (Abandoned Account Fee) $60.00
Assessed only on accounts deemed abandoned as described by law. Abandoned accounts are accounts with no activity in 5 or more years for which we are unable to contact the account owner.
Debit Card Expedited Processing Fee $60.00
Account Fees
Savings Account Fees
Below Minimum Balance Fee $3.00 per month**
Prestige Money Market Account Fees
Account Limitation Fees:
Excessive Withdrawals $15.00 per item
Below Minimum Balance Fee $5.00 per month if average daily balance falls below $1,000.00.
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
We do not charge for any ATM transactions conducted by Robins Financial member's at Robins Financial ATMs.
Visa Check Card/Visa Credit Card Replacement card fee of $5.00 per card, for lost or stolen card.
$1.00 fee will be charged for each transaction conducted on any ATM machine other than Robins Financial Credit Union machines.
ACH Non-Post Fee $5.00 per occurrence
Advantage Checking Account Fees
Below Minimum Balance Fee $10.00 per month

** The fee will be waived if you have one of the account qualifiers.    
- Direct Deposit    
- Prestige Account    
- Advantage Checking Account    
- Certificate Account    
- Current loan with balance (less than 60 days delinquent)    
- Age 18 and under or 55 and up