Credit Union Difference

Credit Union Difference

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between a credit union and a big bank? At Robins Financial, it’s a question we get asked all the time, and as a credit union who provides so much to our members and our community, it’s a question we love to answer.

What is a credit union?

Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, which means our earnings go right back into serving our members. That’s our primary purpose, to serve the interests of our members and help them save and earn more money.

So what does that look like day-to-day?

Well, for one, credit unions are typically able to offer better rates on things like car and mortgage loans, as well as better returns on investments and savings. Plus, we don’t need to hit our members with a bunch of fees, which makes doing business with us affordable. At Robins Financial, everything we do is in the interest of our members. This means providing the highest quality financial products like low-rate auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home loans, and more.

What about technology?

Credit unions tend to invest in the technology and services that best serve their members. At Robins, we’re no exception. Our members have access to the latest technology resources to help them manage their money, like Digital Banking, online loan applications, account alerts, card controls (through our Robins Financial Cards App), bill payment, and much more.

I prefer branch locations, how does that work?

Because credit unions are cooperatives, we’re part of a network of other credit unions where you can do business, called Shared Service Centers. This means that not only can you do business at any Robins Financial branch location, but you also have access to branches & ATMs across the country that you can use to conduct business. Use our location search to find a branch or ATM closest to you.

What about the community?

In addition to our earnings going to lower the cost of financial services and products for our members, there are other important ways credit unions serve their communities. For instance, credit unions look to encourage the local growth and health of small businesses and support entrepreneurs within the community. At Robins Financial, we sponsor dozens of community events and donate to local Georgia organizations serving our community. These are organizations that build homes for the poor, research cancer cures, take care of kids in need, support our local veterans, and provide many other vital contributions. We also fund scholarships to help the brightest minds in our community further their education. That’s the kind of community involvement that makes our members proud to be part of a credit union.

So why join?

It’s the peace of mind from knowing that your money is not only going further because of the more affordable products and services the credit union can offer, but also that your money is staying in the community and helping it thrive. So make the switch today! Become a Robins Financial Credit Union member today with our online account application.


Learn more about the credit union difference by watching our YouTube series on the topic.

So what’s the big difference between credit unions and big banks? At Robins Financial it’s one of our favorite questions to answer, because as a not-for-profit who serves our community, we think the difference is pretty important.

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