This type of Bill Pay is a shortened version to allow all the same capabilities on mobile devices.

  1. Select Products and Services in the left hand menu.
  2. Then select Mobile Bill Pay.

Mobile Bill Pay Screen

Pay Bills

  1. Pay Bills houses all of your payees and allows you to process payments.
  2. Payment Activity houses all of your past bill payments.
  3. If you wish to locate a specific payee, use Search Payee’s.
  4. Options gives you two different features, one to access the Bill Pay site and the other to Delete a Payee.

Bill Pay Drop Down Menu

  1. To add a payee, select Add Payee.
    1. Back to Pay Bills brings you back to the Mobile Bill Pay page.
    2. Enter the Name of the payee.
    3. Enter the Payee Type, either an Individual or a Company.
    4. Payee Nickname is not required but allows you to easily identify a specific payee.
    5. Enter the Address of the payee.
    6. Enter the City of the payee.
    7. Enter the State of the payee.
    8. Enter the Zip of the payee.
    9. Enter the Area Code and the Phone number for the payee.
    10. Enter the Payee Account #.
    11. If you select Cancel you will be taken to the Mobile Bill Pay page.
    12. Select Submit once you have entered all the payee’s information.

Bill Pay Payee Information

  1. A Bill Payee Created window will populate. Select Close.

Bill Payee Creation Success

  1. The payee just created is now visible on the Mobile Bill Pay page.
  2. The Hamburger Menu Icon icon gives you three options, Pay Now, Edit Payee and Delete Payee.

Mobile Bill Pay Screen

  1. Pay Now gives you the option to pay one of your payee’s.
    1. Back to Pay Bills brings you back to the Mobile Bill Pay page.
    2. Manage Payee allows you to edit the payee’s information and to delete the payee.
    3. Enter the Amount you wish to deliver to the payee.
    4. Choose which account you want the funds coming from.
    5. Select the date you wish the transaction to be Delivered On.
    6. Select Submit Payment.

Mobile Bill Pay Screen

Payment Activity

  1. Payment Activity has a few features to help narrow down your history search.

Mobile Bill Pay Screen

  1. This search bar allows you to search for specific transactions.
  2. Filters gives you the option to narrow your results down even further.
    1. Select the Time Period on which you would like to filter, either Today, Yesterday, This Month or Custom Date.
    2. Select the Min Amount and the Max Amount.
    3. If you wish to remove these filters and start over, select Reset.
    4. If you would like the filters to be added, select Apply Filters.

Mobile Bill Pay Screen

  1. This Printer Icon icon allows you to print your Payment Activity.

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