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Finding Your MICR/Routing Number

Homepage » Finding Your MICR/Routing Number

Locating in Web Browser After you login, select which account you would like to view your MICR/Routing Number information. Once you are on the Account Details page select the Details option. The Details will populate and your full MICR/Routing Number will…

Account Grouping

Homepage » Account Grouping

If you prefer to have your shares and loans grouped together in their own category, you can use our Account Grouping option. Left click and hold on the share or loan you wish to group. This icon will appear in the bottom right of the Homepage. Drag and drop your…

Account Locked

FAQ » Account Locked

If you receive this error then you need to unlock your account by using the Forgot/Unlock Login tool. When using this tool you will need some information associated with your account and your member number. A member number is a shortened version of your account…

Account Preferences

Self Service Options » Account Preferences

Account Preferences lists all of your accounts in Digital Banking, including your linked External Accounts and linked Member to Member accounts. Here you can nickname your accounts, group them together, hide them and manage how they appear on the Account Summary…

Exporting Account History

FAQ » Exporting Account History

Transaction history can be easily downloaded to a spreadsheet, Microsoft OFX, or to Quicken. Supported download options are as follows: xls, csv, ofx, or qfx To Export On the Account Summary Page, click on the account tile to view the transaction history for the…

Account Summary Overview

Homepage » Account Summary Overview

After you login, you are taken directly to the Account Summary page. This page allows you to view all of your balances and navigate through multiple different features, thus enhancing your Digital Banking experience. The homepage navigation menu appears in all…

Deleting an Account Grouping

Homepage » Deleting an Account Grouping

Deleting an Account Grouping is just as easy as it is to create one. Left click and hold the share or loan you wish to remove. Then drag and drop your share or loan back under the Accounts group or into the new group you have created. (If you have multiple shares…

Member to Member Transfer [M2M]

Transactions and History » Member to Member Transfer [M2M]

Member to Member Transfers allow qualifying members to transfer funds from their account to other Robins members. This form is for single transactions only. It cannot be used to transfer to accounts you already have linked, or within your own account. Those…

Apple Watch

Products and Services » Apple Watch

Apple Watch allows you to view up to ten account balances and ten most recent transactions. Before you can view balances on your Apple Watch, you must first enable this feature in our app. *If you have more than ten accounts, then the first ten listed in Digital…

Express Pay (one-time payment option)

Loan Payment Portal » Express Pay (one-time payment option)

You will need to enter your Member Number, First and Last Name, Email, and Birthday in the format of 00/00/0000. Then select Next to enter the external financial institution account credentials. Click Pay Now located next to the Robins FCU loan you wish to…

Manage External Accounts

Transactions and History » Manage External Accounts

Manage External Accounts allows you to link External Accounts at other financial institutions in order to make transfers to/from these accounts to/from your Robins Financial account. *Members must meet qualifications to have access to the External Transfers. Select…

First Time Enrollment

I Am a New User » First Time Enrollment

When enrolling in Digital Banking for the first time, you will have to complete an enrollment form. This form requires personal and account criteria to be completed, so be sure to have your account information handy! If you do not have this information available,…

Register (recurring payment option)

Loan Payment Portal » Register (recurring payment option)

You will need to enter your First, Last Name and Email. Then select Next. In window number 2, you will need to enter your Member Number. Enter your Birthday in the format of 00/00/0000. And enter your Last Four of SSN. Then review the Terms of Service and…

Forgot/Unlock Login

I Am a New User » Forgot/Unlock Login

If you forget or lock your login ID, you can reset it using the Forgot/Unlock Login feature under the Digital Banking login box on our homepage. Select the Forgot/Unlock Login link. Select Forgot Login ID if you do not remember what your Login ID is. Then you…


Accounts » ClickSWITCH

ClickSWITCH allows members to easily switch their deposits and automatic payments from other financial institutions to their accounts at Robins Financial. !This process on average takes up to 14 business days. During the processing window, your deposits/withdrawals…

Stop Payment On Checks

Self Service Options » Stop Payment On Checks

Stop Payment On Checks allows you to stop the payment of a recently written check. Select Self-Service Options in the menu on the left hand side of the screen Then select Stop Payment On Checks On the next screen you will select whether you want to stop a…

Manage Text Banking

Products and Services » Manage Text Banking

Text Banking allows you to text prompts to find out your balance, transfer funds and more. Using this Manage Text Banking tab allows you to enroll in Text Banking. Select Products and Services in the left hand menu. Then select Manage Text Banking. Select the…

Contact Preferences

Self Service Options » Contact Preferences

Contact Preferences allows you to update you address and contact information associated with your account. Select Self Service Options in the left hand menu. Then select Contact Preferences. This section is for updating your Address information Here is…

Safeguarding Your Information

Safeguarding Your Information

It is our policy at Robins Financial Credit Union to hold member information in confidence, subject to applicable legal requirements. To protect member privacy Robins Financial Credit Union controls the way any information about members is shared. Please view and/or…

How to Protect Yourself Online

I Am a New User » How to Protect Yourself Online

Criminals are finding new ways to target consumers online every day. You can control the risk of being a victim of online attacks by following these simple steps: Never share your login credentials or passwords with anyone for any reason. Use different and…



Account Summary Overview Quick Transfer Account Grouping Deleting an Account Grouping

Logging On

I Am a New User » Logging On

After you have finished the First Time Enrollment, logging in is fast and easy. There are two different locations that your can login from; the first is on our homepage,, and the other is located under Account Access. Logging in only requires your…

Mobile Bill Pay

Products and Services » Mobile Bill Pay

This type of Bill Pay is a shortened version to allow all the same capabilities on mobile devices. Select Products and Services in the left hand menu. Then select Mobile Bill Pay. Pay Bills Pay Bills houses all of your payees and allows you to process…

Quick Transfer

Homepage » Quick Transfer

Quick Transfers allow you to transfer from a specific account without navigating to the Transfer Funds tab. Select this icon on a particular share or loan. Then select Quick Transfer. Select an account to send the funds to. Enter the amount you wish to…

Direct Deposit Form

Accounts » Direct Deposit Form

Our Direct Deposit form allows you to select an account that you need a direct deposit form for and get a printable or savable pdf. The first step is to navigate to the accounts menu item on the left side of your screen. Then you will select Direct Deposit Form …

Finding Loan Payment/Due Date

Homepage » Finding Loan Payment/Due Date

Locating in Web Browser After you login, Select which loan you would like to view your Payment or Due Date information. VISA, Home Equity Loans, or Line of Credits Once you are on the Account Details page select Details The Details will drop down and your…

Mortgage Loans

Loans » Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans are directly linked through this tab. Here you will be able to view all history, balances, statements, account notes, account information and payment information for your mortgage. !To make a mortgage payment, use the Make a Payment feature in the…

Open Accounts

Accounts » Open Accounts

This feature allows you to open new shares within Digital Banking. Select Accounts in the left hand menu. Then select Open Accounts. Select which share you would like to open, a Checking, Savings or Certificate. Select which type of Checking or…

Online Activity Center

Transactions and History » Online Activity Center

The Online Activity Center is a one-stop-shop for all transactions that you have conducted within your Digital Banking. This center is broken down into three different tabs: Single Transactions, Recurring Transactions and Deposited Checks. *Deposited Checks will only…

Self Service Options

Self Service Options

Contact Preferences Account Preferences Security Preferences Accessibility

Transfer Funds

Transactions and History » Transfer Funds

We have simplified transferring funds. This feature allows you to process transfers, M2M Transfers and External Transfers within your Digital Banking. Processing a Transfer Select Transactions and History in the left hand menu. Then select Transfer Funds. Select…

Loan Payment Portal

Loan Payment Portal

Robins Financial offers its members a fast and easy way to make your loan payments online using your account or accounts from other financial institutions through our ECM Loan Payment Portal. This payment Portal, which is separate from our digital banking option, is…


Products and Services » e-Statements

If you are needing to reduce clutter, enroll in our e-Statements. e-Statements are an electronic version of your regular Robins Financial Credit Union statement that you would normally receive in the mail. In addition to receiving your statement sooner, receiving your…


Products and Services » eAlerts

Stay up to date with your account activity with free account alerts instantly delivered to your inbox. You can receive e-Alerts via email or as an MMS message to your mobile phone. Select Products and Services in the left hand menu. Then select eAlerts. Delete ALL…



Do you need to speak with someone about an issue you are having with your account? Messages allow you to speak with a representative about these issues. Select Messages in the left hand menu. The left hand side of the messages form lists all of your previous…

Logon Failed

FAQ » Logon Failed

If you run into this error, you have entered in your password wrong too many times and one more wrong attempt will lock out your account. You may want to consider resetting your password using our forgot password option.



*This page is for questions you may have about how to use Digital Banking. Why am I getting invalid LoginID/Password error? Why am I getting a Logon Failed error? Why am I getting an Account locked error? How do I export transaction history?

Bill Pay

Products and Services » Bill Pay

Robins Financial’s free Bill Pay can simplify your life. You can pay all your bills digitally with just the click of a mouse. Bill Pay Enrollment Select Enroll in Bill Pay on the Account Summary homepage. Select which account you would like to…

Make a Payment

Loans » Make a Payment

This feature allows you to process payments within your Digital Banking. Processing a Payment Select Loans in the left hand menu. Then select Make a Payment. Select which account the funds are being transferred from. Select which loan the funds are being…

Enroll in M2M

Transactions and History » Enroll in M2M

Enroll in M2M Allows you to opt in to the member to member transfer option within online banking. Select Transactions and History in the left hand menu. Then select Enroll in M2M. You will then select Request Member to Member Access and select…

Skip A Payment

Loans » Skip A Payment

Skip A Payment is offered to members with accounts in good standing. If available, you can skip one month’s payment and your payment due date will be forwarded to the next due date. Interest will still accrue for the month of the Skip A Payment. Select Loans…

Deposit a Check

Transactions and History » Deposit a Check

Depositing checks has never been easier; this feature allows you to capture images of your check and deposit it into your account. *Members must meet qualifications to have access to the Mobile Deposit feature and must enroll via Manage Mobile Deposit prior to…

Card Fraud Text Opt-In

Cards » Card Fraud Text Opt-In

Robins Financial Credit Union is pleased to offer additional fraud security options for our members. In addition to the phone calls we already make to identify suspicious activity on your account, we are now providing fraud alerts to cardholders via text message. To…

Report a Lost/Stolen Card

Cards » Report a Lost/Stolen Card

If you lose your debit or credit card, or it is stolen, you can use this form to block and deactivate the card. !Contact us, 478-923-3773 or 800-241-2405, immediately if you find unauthorized transactions. For 24-hour card support contact Falcon Fraud Prevention at…

Order Checks

Accounts » Order Checks

No need to wait in line to Order Checks. With our Self Service Option in Digital Banking, you can order checks from anywhere. Select Accounts in the left hand menu. Then select Order Checks. Select which account you would like to order checks for. If you…

PIN Request

Cards » PIN Request

It is easy to forget which PIN goes with which card. If you happen to forget your PIN, you can use our PIN Request to mail yourself a new one. *Since your PIN number will be mailed, please use our Contact Preferences tab to ensure your address is correct. Select…